How do I make an appointment for livescan fingerprint for my job or school? 

To make an appointment for live scan fingerprints you will need to go to www.identogo.com, click on in state fingerprints and follow the prompts. You MUST have and appointment to come in and get fingerprinted for these purposes. If you need help please call IDENTOGO @ 1-844-321-2134. We do NOT accept cash at our office, you must pay with credit/debit card, business check or money order. 

Do I need an appointment for Identogo Federal Fingerprints (PreCheck, Hazmat, Twic)?

No, You don't need an appointment but we do suggest you make one so that you do not have an extended wait period. To make an appointment go to www.identogo.com choose what you want the appointment for and follow the prompts. You should not be charged to make your appointment. If your asked for money on the website then your on a scam site, exit out and call IDENTOGO @ 1-844-321-2134. We will collect payment by Credit/Debit Card, Business Check or Money Order only. We do NOT accept cash. 

Do I need an appointment for a drug test? 

No, we take drug tests on a walk in basis, during normal business hours. 

How do I make a Field Print appointment? 

Go to www.fieldprint.com and follow the prompts. If you have any issues call Field Print @ 877-614-4355